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Anthill seeks part-time rabble-rousers


Are you an active or aspiring blogger, with exciting, inspiring, erudite, informative things to say, yet feel frustrated at how hard it has become to build momentum around a new or independent blog?

Let’s face it. Achieving blogosphere notoriety has never been harder – about as likely as Seth Godin growing a comb over.

That’s where we come in.

In particular, we’re looking for tech-savvy experts (or opinionated aspiring experts) willing to write for us on one or more of the following topics:

  • Raising venture capital, angel money, private equity
  • Using/harnessing social media tools for business
  • Exploiting marketing trends, from PR and publicity stunts to DM and ‘above the line’ advertising
  • Advice for startups, building a business 101
  • Innovation, commercialisation, grants and R&D
  • New business ideas (outrageous and ingenious business ideas from around Australia)

Or, suggest your own topic.

So, what’s the deal?

We can’t pay you a cent (Sorry, them’s the breaks). But we can give you something far more valuable: Help promoting your own personal brand.

You will receive editorial support, feedback, your own blogging profile, RSS and twitter feeds, tens-of-thousands of eye-balls and the possible notoriety you deserve (or believe you deserve, by birthright, like any self-respecting blogger).

Terms and conditions apply, of course. FAQ numero uno: Yes, you do get to keep copyright, while we retain unlimited publishing rights.

(Who knows, your ideas could make a compelling article in Anthill Magazine, a book chapter, educational resource or very dull T-shirt design.)

What say you? Would you like to blog for Anthill?

If so, click here and complete the form.


PS – If you write the occasional article that you think would interest our readers, but you don’t want to become a regular blogger, you can also submit articles to our editorial Submission Form.

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