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WorkPilot launches Remote-Work platform after securing seed round


WorkPilot, a Melbourne-based knowledge management platform for remote-teams, is preparing to launch after closing an undisclosed seed investment round. The investment round was backed by a group of well known Angel investors both here in Australia and overseas.

WorkPilot is a remote team’s central knowledge hub, a shared library of content, process checklists and collaboration tools. The platform addresses key remote-work challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, simplifying activities such as staff onboarding, knowledge sharing and work handovers.

Unlike standard workflow platforms, WorkPilot includes a knowledge management system that helps teams to capture and share their expertise; something that is essential to remote workforces.

WorkPilot was created by its two co-founders Brian McCarthy and Marco Muscat. As part of their Startup journey the WorkPilot team took part in 2 Accelerator programs before raising seed capital to launch WorkPilot to the market.

“Going through two accelerators, one led by QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (Collider) taught us the importance of solving real-world customer pain-points.”

“How do you ensure your remote team has the knowledge they need to do their job? “This is a huge problem that impacts businesses and teams all around the world”. “WorkPilot overcomes this challenge by blending workflow and knowledge management together in a very accessible way.” 

With the ongoing pandemic, more and more startups, SMEs and corporates have had to provide remote working tools for new and established teams. Up to 47% of employees across Australia and the UK engaged in remote work during recent lockdowns. In the UK, where the pandemic has severely affected the economy, workers are more and more leaning towards hybrid models, but struggle with remote onboarding. 

According to new research from Microsoft in partnership with YouGov, over half of UK workers who have flexible work arrangements would consider leaving their jobs if their hybrid options were taken away.  

This revelation follows new data from the Office for National Statistics, which found that job moves and resignations in the UK are at the highest level in two decades.

While Microsoft’s research indicates that UK workers are seeking out roles that offer more flexibility, the onboarding process during this time has also had its fair share of challenges. 

For instance, 36% of respondents who started a new job during the pandemic spent the entire onboarding process remote.   

According to these respondents, the challenges that exist with remote onboarding processes include forming relationships, not having a leader around for guidance, learning new software, and embracing company culture. 

WorkPilot aims to alleviate this burden by providing employees with an interactive knowledge-hub where they can both share their expertise, while also benefiting from their co-worker’s guidance & collaboration.

WorkPilot has been under development for almost 2 years and was built in partnership with a small group of early customers including Imperial College London, BDO Global, City of Melbourne, Deloitte and Queensland University of Technology. 

Early Access & Market Launch:

WorkPilot is offering a limited launch to 200 early-access users before opening the platform to the public in January. If you’d like to claim a free early-access spot you can register for free early access here.