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Empiraa strategy management system raised $637k with private investors


Ash Brown founded Empiraa after working as a senior manager in three businesses and realising that the teams never had an effective platform to manage strategy. 

“We spent time talking about strategy but it fell apart once it was time to execute it.”

“I always felt we could do better.”

“I was planning to move into a freelance business strategist, but thought there needs to be a way that businesses can manage their strategy on the cloud. So I pivoted.”

“After we had landed on the model and framework on the platform, I hit the ground running to do fundraising.”

“This was foreign to me, I have been in sales for years, but selling a prototype and idea in the middle of a pandemic is still wild to me!” exclaimed Ash Brown.

Ash worked with Hyper to develop and refine the idea. 

Benefits to accrue from Empiraa

Empiraa is a results driven strategy management system that is designed to provide leadership teams with what they need and when they need it.

The system assists to fight fires before they happen. The pre seed round brought on private investors that understood the problem and wanted to invest in the solution. 

After the first round which raised $110,000 Empiraa brought on directors:, Mark Hogan, Sam Cust, Laura Frazer and Brendan Tremble.

“The directors we brought on board have great and complementary skill sets. They have been incredible and have been able to keep me grounded throughout the process.”

“We have been working with ex MD of Xero, Trent Innes who was introduced to us by Chairman of our Advisory Board Rod Moynihan. Trent and Rod have been incredible in sharing their knowledge and helping me throughout the journey,” said Ash Brown.

Empiraa attracts private investors

Last week Empiraa raised $637k with private investors. 

“They understood and have experienced the problem of not being able to manage their strategy in an easy and empowering way. We did this outside of traditional VC investors.”

“We initially had conversations with tier 1 VC firms, however it just wasn’t a good fit. Private investors felt the pain of the problem. Our SME focus is our market, we believe we can help SMEs globally create, align and execute their business strategy.”

“Empiraa will be built to cater for that market, no big long intimating terms. We talk to our customers in real speak. How people actually talk in businesses.”

“We want our users to be empowered and in the driver’s seat when using Empiraa.”

“It is important to me and the team that we help SMEs as it is an underserved market, the products and services available in the strategy space for SMEs are limited.” 

“We want to be the global leader in SME strategic business planning, we aim to do this by listening to customer feedback, engaging with our user community and helping them be the best versions of themselves.”

Empiraa will launch in Q2 2022.