Home Articles What’s better than a van? The Van that Can, of course.

What’s better than a van? The Van that Can, of course.


What do you do when you’re left with a paddleboard which delivery drivers refuse to take up to your house?


Well, a young and entrepreneurial couple from Brisbane turned that frustration into a delivery solutions company with an absolutely apt name- The Van That Can.

After 2.5 years in operation, through word of mouth and social media, the company has completed more than 10 000 deliveries throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland with over 300 businesses employing the system.

What exactly can the van do?

The Van That Can allows users – business or individuals – to connect with drivers through the website and have furniture delivered in a time frame that suits them.

“It is beneficial to small businesses and individuals as we understand how precious time is and that you don’t want to be waiting around all day for one delivery” said The Van That Can founder Tara-Jay Rimmer.

The transaction mechanics are fairly simple. The Van That Can collects data from potential clients and contacts the end customer directly. This allows the customer to specify a time frame that is suitable for them. They are then notified by text or phone call when the driver is 30 mins away.

The intermediary service seems to be a win-win solution. Companies can outsource their deliveries to a specialist that knows what it’s doing, and customers wouldn’t need to worry about arranging for pick-up of their goods.

In addition to delivery service that is prompt and flexible, the company also offers a range of services including office moves, assembly, placement, and rubbish removal.

It’s more than just a vehicle that shows up at your door.

“There is also a community aspect; relationships are formed between drivers, customers and clients making transactions more personal. Our drivers take on fewer jobs than traditional couriers, ensuring the upmost care is taken with each delivery,” Rimmer said.

In addition, The Van that Can sees itself as an extension of their clients’ brands, with its heavy emphasis on a courteous and professional team.

The company services Brisbane and Southeast Queensland, but has obvious intentions to grow. There is currently an app in development to further enhance the communication options available and to help take this local Brisbane business to a national level.

According to Ibisworld Australia, the market for courier pick-up and delivery services is worth $7 billion and growing.

Looks like The Van that Can has found its niche in the big pie.