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Using Design Thinking to discover your personal mojo by questioning everything

Design Thinking? It’s not a head scratcher. It’s a way to integrate creative elements of design with the profound elements of thought. Such thinking helps...

How new research is helping businesses harness the power of creativity

Researchers at Manchester Business School have now found a way to de-mystify creativity. Their goal is to make creativity in business more than just a catch phrase, or pipe-dream, but an applicable and achievable reality.

Will your work ever match your ambitions? Yes. But it could take a long...

So you're stumped. Up against the wall. That brilliant achievement -- that beautiful, iridescent idea -- is stuck somewhere in your head and you can't pry it out. In this video, one of most creative journalists around finds an amazing way to express the rewards you can earn from sticking to your convictions and logging some hard work.

Need a surefire way to squash creativity? Give it a tight deadline [VIDEO]

Does a tight, strict deadline jump-start creativity or quash it? This video by Kreativ, a Hungarian marketing and communication magazine, takes a forceful side on the question. A group of young students is given 10 seconds to draw the face of a clock (nice subject choice, no?). The kids are then get 10 minutes to draw the same object. The difference between the results can't help but bring a smile to your face.

Creative3 2011 brings creativity, enterprise and investment to the table

This year, the team behind Creative3 wants creative enterprise professionals to once again learn about creativity, enterprise and investments at Creative3 International Forum 2011. Media vanguards Tracey Robertson, Shainiel Deo, Pip Jamieson and Simon Goodrich are set to headline the event.

Need to heat up your creative fire? Here are 29 ways to do it

Adventurous spirits that you are (or else you wouldn't be here), you're keenly aware that consistently accessible and unfettered creativity is crucial to building and sustaining a business venture. Browse these 29 ways to jump-start creativity. At least one is bound to work for you.

Skateboards plus creativity equals urban Jackson Pollock

Anthill is largely dedicated to the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercial creativity. Yet, every now and then, we see something that sits perhaps slightly outside the parameters of our usual fare. But we still must share it, for better or worse. Oh-yes. Today is one of those days.

What’s the difference between ‘initiative’ and ‘finishative’? Is this the personality trait that defines...

Initiative is the ability we all have to create, initiate projects and develop new ideas. Some people have great initiative and others have little.

The pursuit of profit is pounded into submission by documentary ‘Zeitgeist: Moving Forward’ [VIDEO]

It's doubtful anyone can have a middling response to "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward." The documentary is one of those creations that either makes you cheer that someone is finally speaking truth to power, or that the filmmaker should be locked in a freezer at the bottom of a deep, deep hole.

Marketing creativity celebrated at Circus gathering in Sydney

Promotion: Circus: The Festival of Commercial Creativity -- a four-day exploration and exhibition of the latest in marketing -- is scheduled for 20-25 February at CarriageWorks in Sydney.

Top 3 Artistic Innovators from 30under30 2010

Entrepreneurship and artistic endeavours have much in common. They involve imagination, following your dreams and creating something from scratch designed to make the world a richer place. These three "artistic" entrepreneurs may not have made it into the 30under30 Top 30, but we decided they deserve a place in this year’s broader gallery for their commercial creativity.

Why smell like Old Spice when you can smell like Grover!

The Old Spice commercial captured the imagination of marketers the world over by demonstrating how clever advertising can be used to bypass traditional media (and the costs). And it clearly sold a lot of deodorant. But there is one more test that any media and marketing phenomena must pass before it enters the Anthill Hall of Fame. And, yes, Old Spice now qualifies.

Will this ad go viral? Does a bear dance in the woods?

Move over Old Spice. There's a new viral campaign in cyberland that's stealing your chatter. This addictive 'choose your own adventure' inspired advertising campaign for European stationary brand Tipp-Ex takes the viral power of bears on YouTube (think John West) and adds a layer of interactivity (think Burger King's Subservient Chicken).

The case of the overstimulating workspace (Why “Nothing jangles a primate like crowding”)

One question – Where do you do your best thinking? – received the most surprising answer. Only around 10% of people responded “at work”. Consider this: people are paid to think, and are required to spend a lot of time at work, yet work is not the place where they think well.

That’s outrageous! What ‘Low-Panting’ can teach us about new ideas

From Levi Strauss’ canvas pants to the minimalism of Twitter, every invention has its detractors. While Ryan Spanger counts himself among the indignant, he suspects something is amiss in our rush to judgement. When we learn to think beyond our gut reactions, he argues, we learn how to make innovation work for us.

Jason Akermanis has nothing on these guys [VIDEO]

At Anthill, we like to promote, encourage and sometimes even reward commercial creativity. But creativity doesn't always come in commercial form. So, occasionally, we like to relax the rules and make an exception. Because it's Friday (and Beer O'Clock is nigh), here's such an example that we simply couldn't overlook.

Your innovation initiative: What’s the ROI?

It's right to think that if your organisation is not being innovative it will not be able to retain its position and will soon be overtaken by smarter competitors. But, unfortunately, the other side of this reality is that if the innovation initiative is not delivering quantifiable value then clearly it should not be funded and, therefore, should not exist.

Your innovation initiative: What's the ROI?

It's right to think that if your organisation is not being innovative it will not be able to retain its position and will soon be overtaken by smarter competitors. But, unfortunately, the other side of this reality is that if the innovation initiative is not delivering quantifiable value then clearly it should not be funded and, therefore, should not exist.

CI 2010 10% discount for Anthill readers

Sponsored Message: The world’s most creative thinkers are coming to Melbourne! Creative Innovation 2010 is a place to imagine the future. It's a place to learn techniques and strategies and share ideas. Learn and think with Edward De Bono and over 35 world class speakers, leaders and innovators.

Don’t build houses when you can grow them… out of meat!

In this typically thought provoking TED talk, architect and ecologist Mitchell Joachim shares some of his recent experiments 'growing' houses out of trees and... meat! Imagine using animal fat for insulation and "sphincter muscles for doors and windows".


How Master the Art of Sales Even if it Makes You...

The art of selling is a social minefield. Have you ever been on the wrong end of a ham-fisted, awkward or just plain obnoxious sales conversation? Of course you have! Why is it that some sales conversations magically delight, while others make us want to manically bolt for the door? This Phil Anderson FREE CHEAT SHEET will help you to master the art of sales!



Plenty of recruitment agencies have tallied the numbers and found that the average dud hire will cost an organisation between $50,000 and $70,000, factoring...


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...