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Top 3 Artistic Innovators from 30under30 2010


Entrepreneurship and artistic endeavours have much in common. They involve imagination, following your dreams and creating something from scratch designed to make the world a richer place. These three “artistic” entrepreneurs may not have made it into the 30under30 Top 30, but we decided they deserve a place in this year’s broader gallery for their commercial creativity.

Joshua Collings

Age: 29
Gender: Male
State: VIC
Venture: Trailer Trash

Joshua Collings had already operated a couple of edgy art galleries when he was possessed by the inspiration to take his creativity on the road. The result is Trailer Trash, a fully scalable, completely envelope-pushing show. Ticket buyers are treated to music, camaraderie and, as the centerpiece, the sight of several selected artists painting dilapidated caravans.  “It’s a modular festival, meaning it’s boutique. It can be big or small or click into other events,” Collings said.

Joshua Collings’ words to succeed by:

“I have a book I carry everywhere full of hundreds of ideas I would love to do and probably will. I love the idea of starting at nothing and making a whole world revolve around it until it is own sustainable universe.”

Matt Huynh

Age: 25
Gender: Male
State: NSW
Venture: Matt Huynh

Honestly, the best person to describe the creative force of Matt Huynh is … Matt Huynh. Take it away, buddy: “I create comics, illustration and visual art. This encompasses both providing services for clients as well as personal works to be self-published, launched, exhibited and distributed to my own audience. In the past, some of these services have included illustration, installations, live art demonstrations, workshops, comic books, illustration books, prints and folios, murals, exhibitions and events, animation and film.” Thanks, Matt. And check out his website. Seriously.

Matt Huynh’s words to succeed by:
“I consistently generate my own content rather than relying upon commissions and client contracts. The result is a body of work indicative of my current ability and curiosities.”

Turvya Garfinkel

Age: 25
Gender: Male
State: VIC
Venture: Tuvsday

Turvya Garfinkel’s business has a strong connection to his clients; the results of his art look very much them. And that’s the idea. Garfinkel’s Tuvsday specializes in spraypaint-stenciled art, especially portraits, for individuals and companies. “This has been a passion of mine for many years, and with people requesting artwork, the business was only natural to get started,” he says.

Turvya Garfinkel’s words to succeed by:
“I have a unique designed business card that gets good comments and is remembered. And I have a strong personalty that brings people in with a smile.”