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Will your work ever match your ambitions? Yes. But it could take a long time. And that’s OK.


So you’re stumped. Up against the wall. In the ditch. That brilliant achievement — that beautiful, iridescent idea — is stuck somewhere in your head and you can’t pry it out. Even with a crowbar. Or a brick of C-4. Nothing works.

Time to give up? Some do. But we like to think that the readers of this website, this beacon of entrepreneurial achievement, will instead digest the words in this video and then bellow (or type quite loudly): “AS GAWD IS MY WITNESS, I’M NOT GIVING UP!”

Or something to that effect.

The speaker in the video, Ira Glass, is a journalist and quite brilliant thinker who has forged an inspiring career in public radio in the United States. And here, he finds an amazing way to express the rewards you can earn from sticking to your convictions and logging some hard work.

Give it a click, then get back to business. At some point, Mr. Glass says, you’re gonna be awesome.

Creativity: It’s all about hanging in there

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