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    SMART 100 Mavens 2010


    So, who were these ‘intense gatherers of information and impressions’? Who were Anthill’s 2010 ‘mavens‘, described as among ‘the first to pick up on new or nascent trends and share them’?

    Invitations were disseminated to 100 people in the Anthill network that we believe reflect these characteristics. Some are well-known, others are not. Some work as professionals, others as entrepreneurial business owners. Some are highly familiar with the process of innovation commercialisation, others just know what ‘they like’.

    Of these 100, a few over 50 rose to the challenge. However, only 23 wished to be identified as a ‘maven’ judge. Here they are.

    Anne-Marie Birkill

    Anne-Marie Birkill is an Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland Business School and General Partner and Executive Director of One Ventures, a Sydney-based venture capital firm. She is former CEO of i.lab Incubator and the former President of Women in Technology (WiT), a peak body for women in the technology industry in Queensland.

    Babette Bensoussan

    Babette Bensoussan is Managing Director of The MindShifts Group, a company specialising in competitive intelligence, strategic planning and strategic marketing projects in the Australasia region. She is the first Australian and first female international recipient of the US-based Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) Meritorious Award.

    Dave Sag

    Dave Sag is a founder, executive director and Chief Operating Officer of Carbon Planet, an Australian-based global emissions management company. Among his accolades are several Oscarts awards for his pioneering work with Virtual Artists and an Australia Day Council Award for VA’s contribution to Australian business. He lives in Canberra.

    David M Bennett

    David M Bennett is Founder and Managing Director of Powerflex Corporation, an internationally renowned software developer. He is a member of Melbourne Angels and an experienced Angel Investor.

    Ian Lyons

    Ian Lyons is an online media specialist based in Sydney. He served as Director at The Cool Hunter, a global fashion and creative design website, and was Communications Director at pureprofile, an online platform for target marketing.

    Jackson Hewett

    A graduate of Monash University, Jackson Hewett began his career reporting on Melbourne business news for “Business Daily”. Previously a video producer at the BBC’s New York bureau, he has been recognised as a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at the Journalism School of Columbia University in New York City. He is now completing his MBA at Columbia’s Business School.

    James Tuckerman

    James Tuckerman is Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Anthill Magazine.

    Dr John Bates

    Dr John Bates is the Business Development Manager in Melbourne Consulting and Custom Programs at the University of Melbourne. John has previously led global product development programs and worked with research institutions and consortia in the development of successful funding applications for major research and infrastructure initiatives. He has held previous positions at Ernst & Young, CSL Limited and the Australian Institute for Commercialisation.

    John Hummelstad

    John Hummelstad is Chairman of Yeahpoint, a digital media company which specialises in the delivery of self service media to the retail and distribution industries, and the Non-Executive Chair of Ephox, specialising in web content authoring. Based in Brisbane, he has vast experience in growing businesses in the software industry.

    Jordan Green

    Jordan Green is an experienced executive, entrepreneur, engineer, venture capitalist and Angel investor. He has over twenty-eight years experience in growing and advising technology oriented companies in Australia, USA, Asia and Europe. He is co-founder and Deputy Chairman of the Australian Association of Angel Investors and founder of Melbourne Angels Inc.

    Joseph Renzi

    Joseph Renzi is the founder of the e-commerce website SwapAce.com and remains the company’s CEO and Managing Director. He also founded OurWishingWell.com, an international gift registry. He has over 18 years of leadership and project management experience, including 7 years in financial organisations, supported by 18 years experience in community and educational institutions.

    Karl Scott

    Karl Scott is an attorney based in Queensland who specialises in corporate and commercial advisory work in fields including business structure, intellectual property, estate planning and asset protection. He currently serves as Director at the firm Lucid Law. Karl is also a past President of the Queensland Society for Computers and the Law Inc.

    Leela Cosgrove

    Leela Cosgrove is a speaker, author and information product specialist. She is also a firewalker, has a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do, a penchant for tattoos, and enjoys bands such as Rammstein, Lai Bach, Marilyn Manson, Pennywise and Bad Religion.

    Mark Freidin

    Mark Freidin founded internetretailing.com.au in 2008 with the mission of bridging the gap between traditional retailers and online retailers and grow online retailing in a friendly and ethical way in Australia. He has recently broadened his scope as Chief Operating Officer of CatchOfTheDay.com.au.

    Matthew Griffiths

    Matthew Griffiths is co-founder and Non-Executive Director of MIRTeq, an award-winning company whose MIR (micro-fibre infused resin) technology is at the forefront of fibreglass innovation. He has over ten years of leadership experience in the venture capital industry, and has served as a Business Adviser for the Government’s Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) program.

    Michael Fox

    After a stint in business management working for Google, Michael Fox co-founded and became Director of Operations at Shoes of Prey, a website that allows shoppers to design and customise their footwear. He blogs on his adventures in business at www.22michaels.com.

    Nigel Malone

    Nigel Malone is a freelance brand strategist and writer, with particular expertise in the fields of tourism, finance, technology, sustainability and social change. He is Director of Icy Calm, a strategic planning and copywriting firm, and blogs on strategic planning at strategicplanner.me.

    Randal Leeb-du Toit

    Randal Leeb-du Toit is a multifaceted entrepreneur and seasoned technologist who has jump-started over twenty businesses in his prolific career. Currently, he’s the CEO of Seggr, an innovation agency that takes a multidisciplinary approach to explore new ideas, as well as co-founder of Innovation Bay, a Sydney-based invite-only business and Angel network.

    Dr. Rowan Gilmore

    Dr. Rowan Gilmore is CEO of the Australian Institute for Commercialisation, which helps businesses, research organisations and governments increase the success rate of commercialising Australian innovation. Previously, he was Vice President of Network Services (Europe) for the airline IT company SITA, now France Telecom’s Orange subsidiary.

    Sahil Merchant

    Sahil Merchant is founder of Mag Nation, the world’s first and only magazine superstore, which was named Best Young Business in Melbourne in 2008 by Business3000. He is a former McKinsey consultant and a frequent contributor to Anthill.

    Tim Morris

    With a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship from RMIT, and time spent at Babson College, Boston, Tim Morris is a partner at Dynamic Horizons, a Melbourne-based innovation consultancy. A passionate advocate of Australian innovation, Tim has worked extensively in the innovation space since 2004, including two years as the Innovation Manager for water retailer South East Water.

    Tony Chadwick

    Tony Chadwick’s many management ventures have encompassed Innovation, Printing, Digital Technology, Economic Development and Sustainability. He is Director of Economic Development Australia and a past Chairman of the Logan Office of Economic Development. He lives in Queensland.

    Yvonne Adele

    Yvonne Adele is a Certified Speaking Professional whose presentations and workshops help businesses and their employees to integrate creative thinking into their practices. She is the founder of Ideas Culture and President of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

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    Anne-Marie Birkill is an Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland Business School and General Partner and Executive Director of One Ventures, a Sydney-based venture capital firm. She is former CEO of i.lab Incubator and the former President of Women in Technology (WiT), a peak body for women in the technology industry in Queensland.