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Shoot footage, not people in new Australian-developed video game


Here’s a military blow-’em-up video game with a couple of intriguing talking points. One, it’s being developed completely with Australian talent. Two, it puts the player in the role of a journalist who films the carnage and edits the footage into a report — all while struggling to stay alive.

The game is called Warco. Brisbane game studio Defiant Development is putting it together, in partnership with filmmaker Robert Connolly and journalist Tony Maniaty. The video reflects a “proof of concept” prototype that’s part of the development process.

Morgan Jaffit, director of Defiant Development, says the game is staying abreast of strife in Africa and the Middle East, and reflects the events of the Arab Spring.

The big difference with this game, compared to its contemporaries, is that instead of toting an AK-47 or grenades, you’ve got a camera and flak jacket. The player follows game objectives and story leads, records images of the fighting, saves the footage, and edits the rough stuff into a TV news story.

Will gamers be attracted to a game in which they don’t be any shooting or ka-booming, but instead have a front-row seat at the war? Defiant is betting they will.