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How to start your own LinkedIn Group [VIDEO]


Recently, I was asked to help a client start their own LinkedIn Group. It’s no simple undertaking. LinkedIn is littered with loveless and empty groups. Having pondered the question (for several city blocks before pulling over), I recorded this micro lesson.

It’s what I call a Hump Dump. (One of my many Wednesday Hump Day Brain Dumps.)


  1. Don’t give your group the same name as your business. (Name your group after a theme or demographic.)
  2. Don’t use your company logo as the default image of the group. (Once again, keep it a theme or topic.)
  3. Pack your LinkedIn Group description with key words that prospective members will be searching for.
  4. Do whatever you can to get 200 to 300 to demonstrate social proof (and appear top of LinkedIn’s listings)
  5. Add an RSS feed to add colour and multiple opinions to your group. (Share headlines and links from blogs.)
  6. Invite family, friends, customers, clients, pets (whoever) but make it clear that they are among the first.
  7. Appeal to the vanity of bloggers and offer to syndicate their content via RSS. (Apply the two stage approach in the video.)

The last tip is the most important of all.

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