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Sexy business payments challenge your sexist assumptions [VIDEO]


You may have seen the ‘Love your work’ ads on television from accounting software provider MYOB. One that springs to mind includes a hipster getting a moustache รก la Hercule Poirot.

But, this ad, in the same campaign is a tad different. For starters, it’s 2.5 minutes long. Much longer than a television ad, so it’s made for YouTube.

It shows someone who loves their work and, their work is love. But, it has a twist as makes you realise you’ve made a few assumptions at the start that you should not have made.

Ultimately, it’s promoting MYOB’s PayDirect device. It’s a gadget that turns iOS and Android smartphones into a mobile EFTPOS machines.

It’s an interesting position (Ahem, pun possibly not intended. Unless you laughed, then it was totally intended.) for MYOB to make with its brand. Accounting isn’t known for its sauciness.

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