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What does Bin Laden’s death mean if you’re 10 years old? Let’s find out


By now, you’ve probably read, heard and seen every conceivable perspective on the U.S. surgical strike that took out Osama bin Laden.

We hungrily ingested the opinions of Washington insiders, Kentucky short-order cooks and Al Qaeda terrorists. (Heck, CNN and Time magazine even tracked down the kids who were listening to President George Bush read “The Pet Goat” when the 9/11 attacks occurred and asked them what they thought of Bin Laden’s demise.)

Oh, yes. We’ve heard it from all angles. At least, we thought he had.

Courtesy of comedian Beck Bennett (who portrays the moderator), here are the unvarnished, unrehearsed opinions of a panel of four Americans, ages 7 to 10.  A couple of the kids are quite sharp, almost unnervingly so. The other two, however, are the ones who make the video worth a watch (“Why couldn’t they just talk it out?” says young Nathan Blaiwes. “Why can’t they just make him surrender?”)

Fresh Perspectives: Osama bin Laden

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