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Time to choose: Will we “Like” or “+1” our social media?


Still on the fence about diving into Google+, Mountain View’s latest and — thus far — well-received weapon in its apparently unstoppable march to world domination? Still a bit (or very) unclear about the difference between G+, Facebook and Twitter?

These two videos try very hard to clear things up. One comes straight from the source: a Google tutorial on the concept of “+1,” the Google+ version of Zuckerbook’s “Like” button. The other comes from ‘Net news show Rocketboom (and made us feel sadly nostalgic; more on that later) and is a broader compare-and-contrast presentation of the two 1,000-pound gorillas of social media and the plucky, well-heeled newcomer.

As primers go, they’re not bad. For those who want to try G+, there’s a lot of outside homework required to fine-tune the platform to your needs — stuff available from tutorials and tips that are spreading exponentially in the Interwebs. We come across many of them on Twitter. Ah, the irony.

Time will tell whether “+1” will pass into common usage, becoming a verb in the same manner we Google a question or Facebook a friend. Until then, these videos are a good starting point.

But back to Rocketboom. We honestly had no idea it was still around. We enjoyed it six years ago, when original host Amanda Congdon filled each ‘cast with just-a-little-unhinged snark. The current Rocketboom, complete with a pixie hostess with the too-cute accent, seems de-fanged. In this episode, there are a couple attempts at humor, but it’s mostly straightforward information. Useful, but… yawn.

Google explains the +1 buttom

Rocketboom on Google+