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The power of employee engagement is right under your nose


It’s been right under our noses the whole time.

The not-so-secret solution to increasing Australia’s GDP involves the level of personal involvement of Aussie workers in the purpose and direction of their respective organisations, according to Dean Morelli, founder of Aussiepay and Managing Director of Employgroup.

More than just warm bodies, workers with purpose

Employee engagement is the vital determinant in business success. Profitability, growth, productivity, innovation, customer services and employee well-being are all positively impacted by elevated levels of employee engagement,” said Morelli.

An engaged employee is enthusiastic about their work and is more likely to further the organisation‘s reputation and interests. He or she is a good employee to have around the workplace as they are more efficient, have a good work ethic, and are committed to their organisation’s goals and values. They’re also more likely to have higher levels of productivity,” he said.

It’s not just “An Australian Thing”

According to the Gallup Organisation’s State of the Global Workplace, a fifty percent increase in the number of engaged employees in the Australian workforce would add an extra $100 billion to the size of the GDP.

Achieved over a five year period, that would effectively amount to more than 1% GDP growth to the Australian economy each year. Politicians and economists would move heaven and high water to achieve that level of growth,” said Morelli.

If businesses are achieving current levels of EBITDA with a workforce that is, on average, 65% disengaged, imagine what could be achieved if that was reduced to 50, 40 or even 30 per cent. Significant growth can come from even as little as 10 per cent improvement,” he said.

Your employees can be more than zombies, too

Morelli recently stated in a press release that elevated levels of employee engagement are within reach of every organisation, and agrees with CSI International that it begins with leadership.

Leaders decide whether the growth, development and recognition of staff are fundamental to business. Leaders can determine the priorities given in the recruitment process. It’s just a matter of providing the facts to leaders who will soon recognise that their organisation will benefit by actively engaged employees,” he said.

Employees don’t start a new role disengaged. They start full of enthusiasm, keen to make an impact, and eager to prove themselves and do a good job. Disengagement happens over time as core but basic employee needs are not met. Businesses need to maintain that enthusiasm and keep employees engaged. They need to provide staff with basic tools and workflows that can let them excel,” Morelli said.

The aim for business owners in Australia should be to remove the administrative burden that stops keen staff from executing good management practices,” he continued.

Utilising management tools that structure, schedule, inform and regularise the interaction between staff and leadership teams, and encourage employee engagement, will result in improved trust in the employee-employer relationship and ultimately increase an organisation’s productivity.

These tools and solutions empower leaders to improve employee engagement without compromising their direct business imperative or core business goals,” stated Morelli.

How’s employee engagement in your organisation?

Let’s face it, many workers still carry the scars of the Global Financial Crisis, when even the most laborious and dutiful of employees were laid off or terminated, dealing a blow to employee morale that the global workforce is just beginning to shake off.

Morelli added, “We don’t delude ourselves that management tools and software alone can achieve immediate transformations, but they can alleviate arduous tasks and deliver improved efficiencies, and they can help turn good leaders into better leaders. With new and recently promoted staff, their fire is already burning bright for their business – employee engagement is all about keeping the flame alight.”