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Rounding out the SMART 100 Top 5: a social media management tool for your business (it's totally f%#king amazing!)


We admit that some of our maven judges are known to use salty language the way Lady Gaga uses animal products in costumes, to which we can only add: try reviewing a hundred inventions in one week and see how well you behave under pressure.

Other businesses, however, may not be so forgiving of personnel indiscretions. Which is where Bleeply enters in. If you’ve ever tweeted something — especially at work — that you immediately came to regret, you’ll appreciate what this fifth-place SMART 100 innovation brings to the table.

The startup founders liken their product to a time delay for social media updates, specifically for corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts. Anything you post in the name of your company can be perceived as offensive — not only for profanity of the four-letter sort, but for containing information that could be confidential, libellous or just plain detrimental to the company’s brand.

Bleeply’s solution is to link a team of users to the same social media account. Whenever one of the team members posts an update, a notification goes out to the whole team and everyone has the chance to review the post (and, if necessary, edit or block it) before it goes live.

Amid fears that governments may take greater measures to police the interwebs, Bleeply represents a corrective to the need for Big Brother censorship, according to co-founder Henare Degan. He bases this judgement on his experience working on digital democracy projects.

“We saw that government was responding to social media risks by shutting down and adding bureaucratic approval processes that destroy the conversational spirit of services like Twitter,” he recalled in his SMART 100 application. “When we heard they had a Twitter committee that would meet once a week to approve tweets we knew we had to do something.” In place of weekly committees, Bleeply enables a collaborative process for producing useful media updates.

Still in its infancy, Bleeply will be made available as a software-as-a-service application. As for doubts about whether having co-workers review each other’s work will help or hinder productivity, Degan is unfazed.

“Brakes on a car aren’t about slowing you down; they allow you to drive faster,” he said.