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What can guys trying to guess the cost of a bra teach every entrepreneur about their customers? [VIDEO]


It’s very simple: know your market.

In this video from BuzzFeed, a bunch of guys try to guess the cost of products aimed at a female market: bras, tampons, shampoo.

They know they are out of their depth but make some bold guesses at the cost of these items. In some cases, they don’t even understand the language, purpose or even how these products are used.

What’s this got to do with entrepreneurship?

A lot of businesses make the mistake to say that their product is for everyone. It’s not.

There is always a discreet, subset of people who will really want your product or service. Knowing that market, targeting it directly is going to be far more effective than taking a mass market approach.

These guys are case in point. Most women will make guesses far closer to the real cost than the guys – because they are the market. They have been targeted specifically.

Don’t let your business make its customers feel like these guys – out of the depth, a bit foolish and unsure why they’re even being asked about these products.

Guys guess bra prices