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These start-ups pitched their way into partnerships with Mondelēz brands for Mobile Futures [VIDEO]


A few weeks back, Mondelēz International put out the call for start-ups to apply for its breakthrough mobile marketing initiative, Mobile Futures.

They have now recently announced the start-ups which made the cut, to partner with some of Australia’s most iconic brands including Cadbury Dairy Milk and Philadelphia cream cheese in developing mobile marketing solutions within a period of just 90 days.

From over 60 initial applications, 13 mobile start-ups were selected to take part in the pitch process, including StreetHawk, Popup Brands, Kouperific, Issue, Snaploader, Proximiti, My Shout, GeoMobv, BlocksGlobal, BlueCats, OnePulse, Lighthouse and SkyFii.

The final five start-ups were chosen after two days of competitive pitching and ‘speed dating’ sessions with the brand managers and start-ups.

Which brand is partnering with which start-up?

Cadbury Dairy Milk will be partnering with Snaploader, which uses image recognition to enable users to snap an image and connect to all the relevant content behind the image and augmented reality to enhance the content experience.

Marvellous Creations have selected MyShout, a mobile app that allows users to ‘gift’ their friends with their favourite food and drinks at their favourite cafes, bars and restaurants.

Philadelphia cream cheese chose Issue to drive branded content via a bespoke mobile magazine that is interactive, open, social by design and shoppable.

belVita are set to work with Proximiti, a location-based services platform that personalises business websites and apps to customers’ real-time location, linking the digital and physical worlds by guiding customers to nearby stores, people and experiences.

And lastly, Cadbury Favourites will be partnering with SkyFii, a mobile technology company that uses WiFi and beacons to help venue owners and brands better understand their visitors and engage with them via mobile, in real time.

Now that pitching is done, the start-ups will receive $40,000 in funding and start working one-on-one with the brands, at each other’s offices, to customise and implement mobile platforms that solve brand specific business challenges, and activate pilots within 90 days.

See how the Mobile Futures pitching went…

This first video is from before Pitch Day with the Mondelēz brand managers discussing what their expectations were for the program and what they were hoping to see.


This second one was filmed during Pitch Day and includes interviews with each of the brand managers as well as footage from the start-up pitches and interviews with some of the entrepreneurs.