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TransitVision (SMART 100)

After 25 years in hospitality businesses and at the age of 45 I knew I had one last chance of making it big. Sat down with 18-year-old son (doing business at Uni) and said, this is the big picture of a successful business and lifestyle. It can take you all your life following everyone's path or let's start at the top first. Lifestyle, money, minimal staff, outsource worries, outsource expertise, go national (more money), biggest ROI with least investment. The business dream. 6 months R&D globally distinguishing up-and-coming industries. A fully accountable national advertising platform on digital network.

Microsoft peers into the future. 2019, to be precise.

Microsoft is showing signs of renewal, and this Future Vision Montage (presented at this year's Wharton Business Technology Conference) proves it. It might contain more fiction than science, but this showcase of Microsoft's futuristic product line, circa 2019, contains a mouth-watering array of technologies that will deliver seemless interactivity beyond the desktop.
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