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A car that changes colour at the press of a button [VIDEO]


Yes, I’m talking Audis again.

This time, it’s a concept A9 car imagined by Spanish designer Daniel Garcia.

It looks cooler than the cars in iRobot (and less malicious) but, it’s very high-tech sci-fi.

Two of the biggest ideas are that it’s a self-repairing vehicle and, that at the touch of a button, the car’s outer layer changes colour. So, in theory, on grey, foggy days you could press a button and turn high-vis, thus potentially avoiding the need to use the self-repair button when someone crashes into you!

Push the boundaries of technology and every day thinking is the purpose of concept cars. By playing with ideas that are beyond what is possible now, we move open up a world of potential. Not just for cars either.

Audi A9 concept car


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