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Leaked Microsoft Courier footage: Is this the Tablet to rival Apple?


According to many, tablets are the future of media and will be the saviour of journalism. The jury is still out on that one (and will be until a yet to be determined point of critical mass in their adoption is achieved).

This might be some way off, considering that two of the leading players in the ‘tablet race’ have yet to release anything that a consumer can actually purchase. In fact, until now, both Microsoft and Apple have each kept their tablets largely shrouded in mystery.

Of course, Amazon’s Kindle was the front-runner. But any savvy technophile could have told you from the outset that Apple would be hot on its heels. After all, a Kindle seems little more (or less) than a truncated iPhone (without the phone, or the cool apps, or the awesome functionality).

However, while the Apple Tablet remains one of the most hyped (and mysterious) upcoming devices, Microsoft has entered the fray.

And guess what? Technology website Gizmodo has somehow scored leaked footage (below) of what Microsoft is calling its Courier.

It’s hard to imagine a Kindle competing with the likes of this. Simultaneously, it’s easy to imagine that Apple’s laboratory will be busy beavering away to deliver the deciding blow in the battle for tablet supremacy – many, many intuitive apps.

The device might be cool but, as the history of technology has taught us again and again, content remains king.