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Alfoil undies: what would life would be like without textiles? [VIDEO]


Sometimes it’s worthwhile thinking about what life would be like without things that we take for granted.

In this video, Ikea pitches us a world without textiles. How about a dress made of crockery, alfoil undies and cactus back scrubbers?

One of the biggest questions that many entrepreneurs wrestle with is ‘will anyone want this?’ With many of the truly great innovative breakthroughs, one thing has been apparent. No one knew they needed it until it was built. We didn’t know we wanted an iPad until it was presented as an option.

So, how do you invent something that customers didn’t know they needed? Try imaging a world with your invention, versus a world without your invention.

A world without textiles is an interesting, hard and uncomfortable place. If you identify the downside of life without your invention, you may just work out how to sell it to people who didn’t know they needed it.

One more thing. I’m pretty sure that no rabbits were harmed in the filming of this video.

Ikea: Life is a softer with textiles

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