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Is it all in the video? Will your launch video make or break your idea? [VIDEO]


One of the most beautiful apps to come out of 2012 was Paper by FiftyThree.

This simple yet sophisticated app allows users to paint, draw and document ideas and thoughts on an iPad as if they were doodling on, well, paper.

It was a winner of an Apple Design Awards as it easily embodies the awards ethos of ‘setting new standards that inspire us all’. To add to its success, Paper is now installed on demo iPads by Apple.

And, it launched with a video that was as simple and compelling as the product itself. It’s been viewed more than 1.4 million times on Vimeo. By October last year, the app had been downloaded more than 3.3 million times and more than 25 million pages have been created. This adds up to more than 190 years of time spent on the app in its first eight months.

The video is a winner for lots of reasons but among the most important are:

  • It needs no voice over to explain what’s going on
  • The music matches the imagery
  • The imagery is beautifully aligned with the brand
  • It goes for less than two minutes
  • And, most importantly, it tells a compelling story

So, while your pitch to investors and business partners is important, so is your launch pitch to customers.

Get planning. A launch video sets the tone for future success. A good launch video will do the PR work for you.

Launch video: Paper by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree from FiftyThree on Vimeo.