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The best seven Super Bowl ads for 2014 [VIDEO]


I won’t pretend that I’m interested in the Super Bowl. I’m not. At least I’m honest about it.

I am, however, interested in which companies pay AUD$4.7 million for a 30 second spot during the game.

Each year companies line up to buy the space and get their creative teams to work. This year, has been no exception.

Here are, in my humble opinion, the best ads from Super Bowl XLVIII.

Some will make you cry

1. AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War

Surprisingly a Lynx (or Axe as it’s called in the U.S.) is up there this year.

2. Budweiser – A Hero’s Welcome

Not surprisingly, Budweiser is again contender in the tear-jerker ad stakes. This year, it has two entries that fit this bill.

There’s also a mini documentary about the making of this ad and, why it’s so important.

3. Budweiser – Puppy Love

Once again we have the Budweiser Clydsdale horses in a stunning ad. It includes a puppy and an enduring friendship. Enough said. But, if you want to see how the animals were trained, you guessed it, there’s another mini documentary about it.

And, they’ll make you laugh

4. Volkswagen – Wings

Every day a VW clocks over 100,000 miles, a VW engineer gets their wings, with interesting consequences.

5. Sodastream – Sorry Coke and Pepsi (Uncensored)

Scarlett Johansson upset a few people with this ad, apparently it’s a bit raunchy for game day.5

Then, there’s ones that are just plain cool

6. H&M – Beckham

David Beckhan nude or in H&M underwear? The viewers get to decide. Only Beckham could possibly have more tatts than the hipster photographer.


7. Jaguar – Rendezvous

What is it about British actors being villains? I don’t care but, I want this car!

8. Newcastle Brown Ale

This ad isn’t going to air during the Super Bowl because Newcastle Brown Ale couldn’t afford the air time. So, this is the ad they didn’t make. It’s a nice bit of hijack marketing from the U.K. beer.

(And, in light of Sunderland beating Newcastle United 3-0 yesterday, let me just say haway the lads! That’s a reference to a whole other kind of football.)