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How to write high converting emails with James Tuckerman [ACADEMY COURSE]


We are all bombarded by emails every day. We bombard others with emails.

It’s a congested superhighway of e-promises, lead magnets and chit chat out there. So, how on Earth are your emails going to stand out?

James Tuckerman is a man who knows a thing or ten about online marketing.

In this video interview and cheat sheet, he shares seven steps to achieve two very clear goals: Opens and click throughs.



If there’s one question that we get asked more than any other on the topic of email marketing it’s: “What tools do you recommend?” Well, that depends on your goals and priorities? In this tutiorial, we benchmark four of the world’s leading email service providers against five key criteria, from cost to commercial considerations.


James Tuckerman is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most accomplished digital publishers. He’s an entrepreneur, angel investor, growth hacker for hire and professional speaker. He is best known for launching Anthill Magazine, in 2003, from the spare bedroom of his parents’ home. He was then 26 years of age. In early 2009, he reinvented the Anthill business model, abandoning its print origins in favour of a 100% digital product. Within six-months, AnthillOnline.com was listed by Nielsen Online Ratings among the Top 50 Business & Finance websites in Australia. Since then, he has launched numerous digital ventures and helped other companies, large and small, make the transition online or helped them significantly improve their online commercial outcomes.

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