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Skill level: awesome! How to become an expert [VIDEO]


You know I’m going to say that practice makes perfect, right?

Well, it’s true.

If you want to become truly exceptional at something, be it playing a musical instrument, dancing or, running a business, you need to practice.

And, the best way to practice running a business is by, well, running a business!

The more you dedicate yourself to your business and your idea, the more expert you will become.

Want to see evidence of mastery in motion? This video of a chapati thrower, yes that delicious Indian bread, will astound you.
Not just the guy throwing the bread but also the guy catching the dough.

It’s this level of mastery of your business that you are seeking – when you are so good at doing the basics, you don’t even have to stop and look at what you are doing!

Chapati dough throwing taken to the next level!