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How Bigcommerce is helping mums (and the rest of us) get started with online business


Digital space is liberating, is it not?

Bigcommerce is helping more and more aspiring entrepreneurs take to the web with awesome ecommerce sites. The company provides its clients with shopping cart and other e-commerce tools that help make stores a reality – totally independent of third-party infrastructures like Ebay and Etsy.

Some of Bigcommerce’s biggest success stories might surprise you as they are stores ran by ultra-ambitious stay-at-home mums.


Boyosaur was founded by Mary Daniel, now a stay-at-home mum focusing on the growing site full-time.

Boyosaur is a veritable paradise for the parent of the preschool age boy. Tee shirts, crafts, stickers – you name it. The unique products offered through the site run the gamut of the usual niche interests held by young boys.

The items offered are chosen with the aid of experience, according to Daniel, who says:

“I have 3 boys so I know how hard it is to find cool things for boys! The market is flooded with things for girls, while boys are left with the same old styles and designs. We decided to search the globe for some unique designs that are fun and in great boy themes such as dinosaurs, knights, ninjas, and robots.”

Truer words never spoken, especially since Daniel’s sentiments surrounding the frustration of not having good design choices for boys are no doubt felt by parents around the globe.

Boyosaur went online in July of 2012 and has since draw a large following thanks to successfully embracing the social media through Facebook.

For Boyosaur, Bigcommerce provides a reliable set of features that helped Daniels get up and running in no time.

Kool Kitchen

Founded by at-home mum Farial Ameen, Kool Kitchen is well… particularly cool.

Ameen started the online store that specialises in contemporary kitchenware and gifts, because she felt an online-only outlet would be low risk financially speaking.

She says, “The reasons were pretty obvious to me – without any previous entrepreneurial experience, I felt that an online only store would expose me to the least amount of financial risk – I could start with low overheads, have full flexibility of working hours and take advantage of the booming ecommerce market.”

After noticing the growing interest in cooking going on around Australia, Farial felt frustrated by the lack of places to buy groovy, funky and functional kitchenware (hey, we have all been barbequing outside for so long, right?).

Farial seized upon the opening in the market, and badda-bing, badda-boom: Kool Kitchen was born in 2010.

Farial’s fledgling venture was churning a profit three months in, and has since continued to grow.

Who’s up?

None of these success stories, or any of the others associated with Bigcommerce, would be possible without tenacity and determination, and a great set of e-commerce tools.

Maybe your company can be the next, no? After all, Bigcommerce is open to everyone, not just mums.

Bigcommerce is creating an environment of egalitarianism when it comes to e-commerce. This is the kind of stuff the internet is made for, right?