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Aussie music mogul is putting better music in retail stores (at last!)


Nothing is more boringly and painfully banal than in-store Muzak. Well, almost nothing.

You know the score: lifeless, sterile jingles that make Yanni seem as raucous and rabble-rousing as Bon Scott.

Blah, right?

A new tune

Well, much to the delight of retail fanatics everywhere, storePlay is a new app-based music subscription service designed to forever displace the need for those woefully, lulling in-store soundtracks that we have all heard over and over, and over, and over…

storePlay provides playlists for retailers, restaurants, hair salons and other commercial premises and allows businesses to download 100% legal and tailored playlists for their stores and venues.

“StorePlay was an idea that I had about four years ago and it is incredible to see it finally come to life,” said creator Dean Cherny.

“I have been in the retail music business for 25 years, and the feedback I’ve received from my clients has allowed me to create what I believe to be the ultimate music service for businesses.”

Using the storePlay app, retailers can pick and choose playlists that work for their clientele and brand image.

The cool app is easy and cost effective. It works with the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, allowing playlists to download to the client’s device on a monthly basis. This feature keeps the music going even in the event of an ISP disruption.

Man, they thought of everything.

Who is this man of mystery?

Cherny is an Aussie music guru with international credits including touring with George Michael. A House music mainstay, Cherny is as much a business leader as he is an expressionist with music, which is a true rarity.

storePlay is the culmination of a dream for Cherny.

Always an entrepreneur, he developed his first business, Marketing Melodies, from a final year university marketing assignment. Marketing Melodies has been in operation for over 25 years and supplies in-store music solutions to over 1,000 retailers.

Of course, the innovative app is poised to brighten the day for shoppers all over the place, too.

No more mundane muzak, sounds like a win to me.