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OK Go gives new meaning to giving a Chevy a tune-up [VIDEO]


In hindsight, this was a match in some mad, musical heaven: those wacky, inventive rockers OK Go and the over-the-top oeuvre of Super Bowl commercials.

The Los Angeles quartet that turned treadmills into video stars partnered with Chevrolet for a dirt-kicking version of their song “Wanting/Needing.” According to the video’s info, the project required four months of preparation and four days of shooting and recording. And no CGI was harmed in the making of this video — it’s all as you see it. Lead singer Damian Kulash even took stunt-driving lessons.

In terms of broadest audience, this is a new plateau for OK Go, but in terms of their general mission, it’s steady as they go. The independent band has replaced any major-label relationship with marketing partners such as State Farm insurance, Samsung, Flip camera and Range Rover. If there were a Wiki listing for “musical entrepreneurs,” their paint-splattered faces would lead the entry.

OK Go, “Needing/Getting”

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