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Tesla now available in Australia. I want one [VIDEO]


What’s next? Valentines Day.


I know what I’d like. And, it even comes in red!

It’s a Tesla.

There’s a lovely red one on display at Chadstone Shopping Centre in suburban Melbourne. And, I know someone who got one for Christmas – he was clearly on Santa’s nice list!

Elon Musk is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. Looking at this car and the other technology he’s got going with his SpaceX project, you can’t help but admire someone who is so determined to create what we’ve been reading in science fiction books for decades.

This video has this amazing electric car in a drag race. And, while I’m not a speed-demon by any stretch of the imagination, this car is wicked sick!

As more and more charging stations go in around Australia, more of these machines are going to hit the road. Plus, the budget version of Musk’s vision should soon be released.

You’ve got to love the tagline for Tesla. Zero Emissions. Zero Compromise.

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