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Google Glass is so last week. Google shoes are the new must-have tech item! [VIDEO]


Almost everyone has a smart phones these days. And, we’re heading in smart glasses territory with Google Glass.
But, that’s all like, so last week.

Imagine if we had smart shoes! And, I don’t mean that pair of ‘good shoes’ kicking around the back of your closet. You know, the ones your mother always asks you why you don’t wear them when you visit her.

I mean a shoe that talks to you. A shoe that transmits its thoughts to the web via Google+. A smart shoe. Just imagine the stories your shoes could tell.

If I was wearing them today, the story would have gone something like this.
– Walked to tram stop. Tram was cancelled. Got a lift to the city so I wasn’t late for a meeting.
– People in the meeting were also wearing shoes.
– Caught tram home. Walking to the house I saw some Autumn leaves.
– Got abandoned in the kitchen. That’s the thanks I get after my day’s effort.

This parody video, devised by ArtCopyCode shows just how uninteresting life is for a shoe.

Perhaps this is also a technology that we’re not quite ready for.

The talking shoe – Google Shoe