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What does the farmer say? A parody with a point and some mighty fine tractor dancing [VIDEO]


Farmer Derek Klingenberg took to YouTube in 2008, offering up parody videos with a farming theme.

His latest video, a parody of ‘What does the fox say?’ by Ylvis has been his most successful to date.

Klingenberg hails from Peabody, Kansas. He takes his family, farming and filming very seriously. In his heated shed and equipment workshop, he’s made the walls into green screens! He even ropes (pun intended) in his children and brothers to perform in the videos.

Klingberg has amassed more than 8,000 subscribers to his YouTube Channel. This latest video will, no doubt, find him many more. What does the farmer say has had more than one million views in under two weeks.

It’s also reassuring to see that the farmer, one-finger wave is universal. I still do that when I return home to my farming roots.

In amongst his dancing, and that of a dancing John Deere tractor, Klingenberg makes a good point. When you’re next eating your favourite food, consider where it came from and, who grew it.

What does the farmer say?