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User centred design: why you need to think like a cat [VIDEO]


The fundamental principle of user centred design (UCD) is that you must think like your customers. You must view the world from their perspective, in order to understand it, and solve the problems of your customers.

So, if your users happen to be cats, this video may be for you.

Henri is a cat who is misunderstood and bored by having to deal with the mundanity of his life. If you’re designing products for a cat, this may be worth considering.

OK, so it’s a stretch connecting this to UCD, but watch it anyway.

I’m also not 100% convinced this is really how every cat sees the world. I’m pretty sure that for many cats, their day is filled with the cat equivalent of beard-stroking, and maniacal laughter.

I could be wrong.

Henri, the existential cat

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