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A cooking show like you’ve never seen before, but you’ll be glad you watched it [VIDEO]


First up, you need to know two things about this cooking show.

1. It’s a parody. It’s as massive parody of every damn cooking show ever.
2. There is salty language.

Know that’s out of the way, meet Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan and their new YouTube parody tv show, Katering. (We see what you did there Kates!)

Set to become Australia’s latest YouTube superstars, this made for the internet tv parody is what many of us secretly think while watching tv shows. Why we watch tv shows when we have these kinds of thoughts, I’m not really sure.

In this episode, the Kates review a Thermomix. What’s a Thermomix? It’s a $2,000 kitchen appliance that apparently does lots of different things. Actually, I’ll let the Kates explain as it’s the most accurate description I’ve ever heard of it.

They also make risotto, as some may call it, hot wet rice.

Clocking more than a quarter of a million views in the first week of being ‘on air’, I get the feeling Katering is going to be the next Bondi Hipsters internet success story.

The Katering Show – Thermomix