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What to do when business success hijacks the original vision

RICHARD Chattaway and Michael Cusack are serious businessmen who spend their days playing with plasticine in South Australia.

The benefits of advisory boards

Having an advisory board brings numerous benefits to the company when the advisory board is working effectively. Find out how one could help your business, with this free resource.

Corporate Governance Issues in Private Companies

The importance of good governance is as important for private companies as it is for public listed companies. This article looks at some of the governance practices and issues which can be helpful for private companies to look at and use as a benchmark for good governance.

Insolvent Trading Q&A

This Q&A covers the definition of insolvent trading and breaching the Act. It also discusses the warning signs of insolvency and the available defences for directors under the Corporations Act 2001.

What worries SME directors

This article looks at what’s dominating SME boardroom conversations and keeping small business owners up at night.

General duties of Directors Q&A

This Q&A will provide owner directors with an understanding of their role and responsibilities so that they can build their knowledge and confidence in carrying out their director duties.

5 Business Lessons from Dating On Tinder

SPONSORED: For small businesses, technology can make the difference in driving your company ahead and setting you apart from your competition. But the challenge...

Want to improve cashflow? Make it easy to get paid.

For the last instalment in this seven part series, we’ve saved this painfully obvious but often mismanaged strategy for improving cashflow: Make it easy...

Want to fix your cashflow? Give yourself room to breath

So far in this series, we’ve talked about securing capital, getting paid and growing sales. All this stuff can feel a bit overwhelming when...

Cashflow a problem? Just sell more! [CASHFLOW SERIES]

The most effective people in business are the ones who keep learning and adapting. In fact, the greatest lesson in business is to never...

Cashflow challenges continued… How to get paid on time.

One of the most difficult and often emotionally charged aspects of running a business is collecting accounts receivable. Yup. This instalment in our seven...

Cashflow dramas? How to get paid first and foremost

If you sell goods you have a supply chain in one form or another, it’s likely that you’re acquiring goods on credit and paying...

Do you know an Australian innovation worthy of recognition? [Nominate for the SMART100, 2014]

Anthill’s ‘SMART 100′ Index was developed six years ago to identify and rank Australia’s 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the...

Are you an aspiring author? Meet Publishizer. It’s kind of like Kickstarter for books....

Writing a book is hard. Really, really hard. First, you have to be creative enough to come up with something worth writing about (and more...

Anthill’s Smart 100: Readers’ Choice Awards (2013)

They embody the passions of earnest inventors and the dreams of budding business builders. They are the products of industries both old and new,...

Online Marketing Masterclass is back! [SYDNEY, BRISBANE, MELBOURNE]

Do you have a desire to get better returns from your website? Are you properly exploiting social media? This is your chance to get the foundations right.


In 90 minutes, learn three techniques to turn your website into a prospect generating machine. The Master Business Bake Up series is a cooking class... for business builders. We teach you a recipe that you can 'cook' on the day, in under 90 minutes, or take back to your business and implement later. [REGISTER FOR THE LIVE EVENT]


In 90 minutes, learn systems and acquire processes for raising capital in Australia, from valuation to finding the right investor. Get investor ready. Be prepared to embrace 2013. The Master Business Bake Up series is a cooking class... for business builders. We teach you a recipe that you can 'cook' on the day, in under 90 minutes, or take back to your business and implement later. [LIVE EVENT]

Register for the Master Business Bake Up [LIVE EVENT SERIES]

The Master Business Bake Up series is like a cooking class… for business builders. We teach you a recipe that you can ‘cook’ on...

You can sing but you don’t have a label. Who said you can’t get...

THP is now considered the independent and emerging artists’ viable alternative to world-wide music sharing platform Spotify. It is carving its own path and in doing so allowing for the first time, never-heard-before artists of all genres to carve their own paths too, and expose their music to the listening public and commercial buyers. Club bands and solo artists too can promote their music there to get gigs.



Strategic Alliances with Simone Novello [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you heard the often touted claim that the average lifespan of a business is two years? Have you ever wondered why that is? Often, it’s because, in the rush and intensity of starting up, business owners get caught up in day-to-day op-erations and overlook fast growth opportunities, like strategic partnerships. In this FREE INFOGRAPHIC, Simone Novello helps to answer your three most common questions about how to harness the power of... FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...