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British born entrepreneurs wanted for TV series


Yesterday, we received a request from the producers of UK television series Relocations: Phil Down Under.

It seems that Anthill has, somehow, gained a reputation as a fertile source of Australian entrepreneurs with TV appeal (much to our bemusement), from game shows to documentaries.

You could say that we’ve unintentionally found ourselves with the role of Australia’s casting couch for the entrepreneurial community (without the traditional perks, unfortunately).

The UK producers of Relocations tell us they are seeking talent for second series of the show, which sees one of British property expert, Phil Spencer, helping relocate British couples to Australia.

As well as assisting newly arrived Brits find their first home, they have asked Anthill to help locate British immigrants who have already taken the big leap and started their own entrepreneurial venture in Oz.

  • So, are you a recent British immigrant in charge of your own entrepreneurial venture?
  • Has Australia given you opportunities that weren’t available to you in the UK?
  • Do you know of someone who might want to participate in this television series?

If so, here’s the recruitment form!

Image by SanFranAnnie