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What is Twitter? Does this official video really explain it? [VIDEO]


Twitter was once so very hot. Everyone wanted to know what is was, work out how to use and start tweeting.

That was in about 2009.

Since then, Twitter has surged in user numbers. It had about 218 million users in September, a 30 per cent increase in the past year.

Plus, it made a successful debut on Wall Street last month.

But, still, the question is asked by many people who aren’t so digitally savvy. What is Twitter?

It’s actually sort of difficult to explain if you’ve never seen, or used, it before.

This is an official video from Twitter that explains what the company thinks it does.

This is interesting because, in this official video, aimed at new users, it focuses on discovering news from different angles.

But, in reality, Twitter can be so much more and, so much less. Sometimes, using Twitter can feel like trying to read a poem in a room full of primary school children learning to play recorder. (That is, it’s impossible to concentrate, strange sounds come randomly from all directions and, it’s general bedlam).

Other times, if you get the question and tagging right, an plethora of amazing information can be discovered.

With so much noise, the real risk to Twitter is, losing the attention of users. That applies to me. Once, Twitter formed a regular and constant part of my information consumption. There have been times when I’ve completely disengaged from it, finding my way back months later.

What is Twitter?