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Wild ride for new Aussie start-up provides fuel for brand engagement marketing


As businesses fret over increasingly fractured communication channels, not to mention hit-and-miss customer experience, an Aussie start-up has gone and earned itself international plaudits for its engagement platform.

Centryc Solution’s MeTag integrates offline and online channels to deliver positive brand experiences.

Its Luna Park My Experience implementation was recently awarded the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Marketing Excellence Brass Ring Award and Best Digital Marketing Campaign. Globally, amusement parks earn a cool $24 billion annually – that’s twice the Australian motor vehicle manufacturing industry.

Billed as the Oscars of amusement park peeps, Luna Park’s win acknowledges the wowza factor of teaming real-life experiences with social media for marketers.

Here’s how MeTag My Experience works…

Luna Park launched My Experience in July 2011. It’s a high-tech solution that automatically adds real-time social interaction to its in-park experience.

Guests can share their experiences through automated Facebook updates including instantly posting ride photos, status updates and their Extreme-O-Meter rating based on how many rides they go on.

My Experience incorporates near field communication, multi-channel campaign, SMS, email, web and Facebook.

MeTag a group effort

It takes an entire village to create a real-time social interaction platform. My Experience is the result of several months’ development between Luna Park Sydney and Centryc, utilising technologies from Pitney Bowes Business Insight, RFID N PRINT, Unique Micro Design, Fuji Film and Modapt.

Centryc founder and CEO Dave Aicken says: “The Luna Park team deserves this international recognition and much more.”

“Innovative value-add is important to every ‘experience’ business. Integrating social media and multi-media channel marketing help Luna Park to engage each and every guest – even when they leave the park.”

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