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Tony is more likely to shop online than Julia, according to Kogan’s numbers


Australia’s self-appointed online retail antagonist Ruslan Kogan — while possibly enjoying a slow day at the office — has crunched his online traffic numbers to reveal that the most popular names of 2010 online shoppers on the Kogan site were John, Peter, David, Michael and Paul.

Meanwhile, ladies named Karen were most likely to give the credit card a workout in the name of online bargains.

Speaking of big spenders, federal opposition leader Tony Abbott may want to hide bank statement from the missus this month – Kogan’s insights revealed shoppers with his name were 19.7 times more likely to buy something from the retailer than his nemesis’ name, Julia.

Names ‘Harvey’ and ‘Norman’ both failed to make Kogan’s list.

The company analysed data from the 2.5 million visitors to Kogan.com.au to reveal the above ‘insights’, in addition to some information that you might actually one day use, on how and why Australians shop online.

Key findings from 2.5 million online visitors

  • 81% of shoppers buy on the same day they initially visit.
  • The hour from 1pm-2pm is the busiest time for shopping, suggesting Australians are shopping while at work, during or immediately following their lunch breaks.
  • In the second half of 2010, traffic from mobile devices increased by 363% over the previous six months. iPhones and iPads account for over 70% of mobile traffic.
  • Friday is the busiest day of the week. In 2009, Friday was one of the slowest days of the week, but Kogan’s Frugal Friday offers have changed the trend.
  • Apple users (Safari browser) are nearly twice as likely to shop with Kogan as the general population.

What, therefore, are the take-homes for online retailers?

Make the transaction easy and fast, promote offers before lunch, don’t neglect smartphone users, target days that are traditionally quiet, observe what browsers your customers prefer and manage your site accordingly.

And perhaps create a special offer for people called John. (And Natalie.)