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Australian agtech, DIT technologies’ equity crowdfunding raises $267,000 in first week


DIT Technologies is revolutionising the agriculture industry through new technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), with its current proprietary uSEE remote monitoring and uDOSE water supplementation technology allowing farmers to monitor water levels and nutrient intake for their livestock from anywhere through their mobile, tablet or laptop.

This technology is not only helping Australian farmers reduce labour and increase productivity, ultimately saving them money, it also enhances animal welfare and helps reduce the environmental impact of grazing.

The agtech company, which has seen revenue grow from $232,000 to $3.59 million in 2 years, has embarked on this equity crowdfunding campaign with ambitions to continue innovating solutions for food producers.

This is to be done using technology for more economical, sustainable and ethical food production to help feed the growing global population, which is expected to be 9.7 billion by 2050.

What is DIT aiming to achieve with their technology?

“To ensure we have enough food for our global population by 2050, we will need to increase food production globally by 60%. Farming in the future will be all about doing more with less, and at DIT we want to help lead this change.

We are already seeing Australian farmers realising up to 15% production gains and 40% cost savings using our technology,” said Mark Peart, the founder and CEO of DIT Technologies.

“Since COVID-19, more Australians have come to understand how important food security is and how important Aussie farmers are to help us shore up food security, so by investing in DIT Technologies through our equity crowdfunding, Australians can be part of the growth of agtech and help us develop further innovative technology solutions for our food producers.”

“We’re overwhelmed by the positive response to our equity crowdfunding offer and want to thank everyone who has invested so far.

Our goal is to raise up to $2 million and we still have just over three weeks to go, so we hope that Australians see the benefits of our technology, which is helping farmers farm smarter, and they can help us reach this target,” said Quentin Kennedy, Chairman of DIT Technologies.

The capital raised by this equity crowdfunding will fund DIT Technologies’ expansion south, grow the team, increase production, further data collection.

This will help farmers make sustainable decisions, and commercialise a horticulture offer, where DIT’s technology could be used for water conservation, input efficiency and reducing run-off into waterways.

Australians can invest in DIT Technologies’ equity crowdfunding campaign via Birchal, Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, until 6 November, 2020.