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Forget Silicon Valley, the rise of the rest is real [VIDEO]


Steve Case is Chairman of the Chase Foundation; an investment company he started after the heady days of AOL.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, he was a great leader at AOL. As were his executive team.

AOL was built in Virginia. Not in Silicon Valley. It has campuses spread across the beltway heading out of Washington D.C. It was a long way from the sun and shininess of the Valley. But, it was home to AOL and to many other tech startups – The Motley Fool for starters.

Case has even invested $40 million in Australian startup BigCommerce.

So, it’s no surprise that Case is out there to show that there’s a lot more happening in the world of startups than just what’s happening on the upper West Coast of California. He’s about to kick off a tour around the U.S. to showcase the startups across the country dubbed, The Rise of the Rest.

And, he’s also there to support the third wave of the Internet.

In this video from Tech Cocktail, taken at SXSW last week, Case explains each of the preceding waves, what’s coming next and, why this is the most exciting time of all!

Steve Case: the third wave of the internet