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A vision for Melbourne’s future: returning to our connection with the land and food supply [VIDEO]


Kate Dundas grew up in Scotland.

It was a normal occurrence for her to eat a deep fried piece of potato in a white, buttered roll for lunch each day.

Then, she became a landscape architect, turned a vacant lot into a vegetable garden and reconnected to the land.

In doing so, she also reconnected to the food supply. Her diet changed, her food bills fell.

With 63 per cent of Australians over achieving nutritionally (that is, they are over weight or obese), something needs to happen to reconnect us to our food supply.

Food doesn’t come out of the pre-packaged food aisle at the supermarket. There are some remarkable food reconnection activities happening in Melbourne – everything from the Collingwood Children’s Farm, St David Dairy and Rooftop Honey.

At TEDXMelbourne, Dundas shared some additional ideas to help Melbournians connect with the food they are consuming. Is it a Melbourne idea? Sure, but having lived in cities across this country, it could work in many places.

What about those vacant lots? Kate Dundas at TEDxMelbourne


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