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So, you reckon you’re a good decision maker. What makes you think that? [VIDEO]


Every day we get up, clamber out of bed and make decisions.

We decide whether we’ll wear Calvin Klein or Bonds undies. We may decide to wear a Batman t-shirt instead of a Green Lantern or Wonder Woman one.

But really, are we really making a cognitive choice?

In this TED video, Dan Ariely, a research in behavioural economics at Duke University, challenges this very notion that we make decisions.

He demonstrates the power of Opt In versus Opt Out choices. Anyone who operated an email database before and after the Spam Act (2003) already knows the power of these options in decision making.

He also shows why you should take a slightly less attractive version of yourself out bar hopping if you’re looking for some attention.

Ariely, who is also the founder of The Center for Advanced Hindsight, makes a compelling case for all of us to consider why we are making the so-called decisions we are making.

How much decision making are you really doing in business, life and, perhaps your choice of superhero t-shirts?

Dan Ariely: Are we in control of our decisions