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The charity world embraces mobile giving. Yes, we can now heal the world with our smartphones.


It comes as no surprise that charities are turning to mobile technology to raise funds and gain new supporters.

Mobile giving is clearly becoming an essential part of the multi-channel approach that charities need to adopt. In fact, charity supporters now expect to have all options, including mobile, when it comes to indulging our charitableness.

As the name suggests, Apps for Charities specialise in creating apps specifically for charitable organisations.

The business has worked with a number of major charities, such as The Smith Family, The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters and, Legacy.

How does Apps for Charities work?

Jeremy Tobias, from Apps for Charities, explained that the apps are developed on the award-winning GiveEasy platform. GiveEasy, an Australian social enterprise, enables charities to receive mobile donations. It provides an aggregated interface to allow users to send donations to the charity of their choice.

The difference that App for Charities creates is that a customised, branded app is created for a charity. This app integrates into the GiveEasy donation platform. “By improving user engagement with a brand app, we encourage interaction and, donations,” explained Tobias.

To create this engagement, a charity’s app may provide a very interface to access important content such as; cause information, latest news, donations and events. This interface is tailored to suit each particular charity.

The app also allows supporters to share their support via social media. A charity can also use the app to send push notifications to supporters. This feature can be particularly important in raise donations in times of crisis.

Most charities are on the quest to raise more funding. Charities that embrace mobile and content marketing look set to raise the bar in donor expectations and engagement.