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A conversation with a younger you [VIDEO]


As a 12 year old, Jeremiah McDonald wanted to talk to his future self. It was a crazy idea.

So, he made a video of himself talking to his future self.

It’s this kind of genius that shows the beginnings of McDonald’s brilliant, creative and innovative potential. Albeit, the 12 year old version of creative genius.

It’s 20 years later. Jeremiah is film maker, and he’s having the conversation with a younger version of himself. (Some salty language may be used.)

It’s in this conversation that he has a lightbulb moment. He remembers what he used to do before the internet.

Can you remember what you used to do before you spent so much time online?

With more than six million views in less than a week, this is one video that should be shared.

A conversation with my 12 year old self