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How to build a YouTube empire in your underpants [WEBINAR]


Here’s a startling fact.

YouTube is now the world’s second biggest search engine, with over three billion videos viewed daily and 48 hours of video content uploaded… every minute!

So, why aren’t you the boss of your own channel?

When: Thursday, 23 Feb 2012, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*


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5 steps to stand out in your market using internet video

Here’s an unusual  question: Why is your favourite celebrity chef rich and famous?

The answer: Because he/she gives away all his/her recipes. That’s the new economy.

Thought leaders now have an alarmingly diverse set of tools at their fingertips to build their personal brands and their businesses… by being generous and sharing their knowledge.

Furthermore, just about all your skills, expertise and hard-earned IP can now be taught, demonstrated, learned and shared by anyone on YouTube.

Why this webinar topic? Why now?

REGISTERWe have a YouTube Marketing titan in our midst.

Jim Stewart is the baddest, baldest YouTube guru, evangelist and SEO assassin you’re ever likely to find while surfing the tubes of the world wide web.

To see what I mean, watch this video. He’s also living proof that pouty lips and rounded vowels are clearly no pre-requisite to YouTube fame and fortune. Even Anthill’s James Tuckerman is now doing it! What’s stopping you?

Here are four reasons to attend the webinar.

During the webinar, Jim Stewart will be sharing and explaining:

  • How to master elements of web video content production
  • Strategies to optimise search and related videos for more views
  • Valuable YouTube insights and Google+ integration tips
  • How an obscure appliance brand increased sales fivefold via YouTube

Let’s repeat that last one: Increased sales fivefold. Awesome! Plus, as always, we’ll be working damn hard to make participation engaging and entertaining. (REGISTER.)

How did we score this digital doyen? It’s thanks to Citrix GoToMeeting.

Through some Citrix connections, we were able to source our super-cluey guest speaker and use the Citrix online meeting tool, GoToMeeting, for our initial ‘prep’ sessions.

Moreover, you’ll get to see their web conferencing technology in action, as this event will be delivered using the Citrix webinar tool, GoToWebinar.

You’ve already probably asked yourself, why am I putting on clothes and leaving my house when I could be using web conferencing and conquering the web with video. (Or is that just us?) Here’s your chance to master YouTube, while using webinar technology.


When: Thursday, 23 Feb 2012, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*


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