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9 things a 9 month-old can teach you about online marketing [VIDEO]


This morning, I sat down with my 9-month old son, Julian, to feed him breakfast. This is one of the jobs allocated to me as a first-time, new father.

I’m an early riser and enjoy these moments alone, before the hustle and bustle of the day sets in.

But, sometimes, just sometimes (read ‘often’), this small job can require the patience of a saint.

Remembering the arduous steps required to complete yesterday morning’s meal (and the day before that), and contemplating how bizarre it is that I must work so hard to provide him something that will make him stronger and healthier and happier, I began to think about online marketing.

Yes, the brain works in mysterious ways.

(And I am kind of sleep deprived.)

I began to see synergies between the process of caring for my son and the process of attracting and retaining new prospects and customers. Hence, this video.

Sure, I do feel a bit guilty about exploiting the fickle taste of my son for the purpose of marketing my personal consulting brand. *cough* I mean for the purpose of ‘reader education’.

But, heck. The following six-minutes will surely contain nuggets of embarrassment to roll out at his 21st. And, more importantly, I had fun making it. And I hope you have fun watching.


The Nine Lessons

  1. Your prospect’s default state = distrust
  2. Build trust by solving needs
  3. Solutions needn’t be expensive
  4. You are always competing for attention
  5. First sale = Product-for-Prospects
  6. Continually foster engagement
  7. Provide more free solutions (content) to encourage word-of-mouth
  8. Then, and only then, should you offer your core product
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