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How to give an awesome presentation that no one will ever forget [VIDEO]


How to do you get the attention of a bunch of people who may not be all that interested in what you have to say?

Take a leaf out of the book of Mr. Nicholas S. Selby, a soon-to-be mechanical engineer from Georgia Tech.

Selby was asked to give the Sophomore Welcome speech. And, give a speech he did.

I’m not 100% sure all of the sophomores appreciated the awesomeness of his presence, his words and words of encouragement.

What did he do so well?
1. He made everything contextually relevant
2. He used props and aids that added intrigue (Do you get goosebumps when the music kicks in?)
3. He made references that everyone would appreciate (Yes. I would like to make an Iron Man suit.)
4. He makes sense. There’s nothing ambiguous in his words.
And, by no means least:
5. He says that whole thing very naturally, like a boss! (Although, I’m pretty sure he’s been practising this over and over)

Well played Mr Selby. Well played.

The day has finally come. Engineers have taken over the world.
I expect things to be far better designed from here on.

Georgia Tech – Freshman Convocation – Epic Welcome Speech