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What do you get if you add a simple mistake to an unmet expectation and, throw in an internet meme? [VIDEO]


The lastest Volkswagen ad. This time for the new Beetle convertible. And there’s not a puppy in sight.

Clearly it’s not set in Australia and not just because of the snow. A random dude walking around a store buying crisps wearing a balaclava could just as easily be a member of TISM.

Volkswagen have made some great ads lately, all of which have ended up being hugely popular on YouTube. This one is no different. In the past week the ad has been viewed more than 600,000 times.

It’s a short, funny ad and Volkswagen get extra points for including Trololololololo at the very end, just as the police sirens fade away.

Mask – The Volkswagen Beetle convertible ad


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