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How to get people to listen to you when you’re telling them something they already think they know [VIDEO]


I fly a lot. Too much. Certain air crew seem to know my name before I hand them my boarding pass.

My daughter flies a lot as well. She always diligently listens to the in-flight safety announcement. She also thinks the brace position would be a very uncomfortable way to sleep.

I try to listen as diligently as she does. Really I do. But, I’ve heard it so many times before. I know I should devote my complete attention to it, but I always find my mind drifting off to other things.

It’s a common problem. One that Air New Zealand goes to great pains to solve. The company has become renown for doing interesting in-flight safety videos that engage customers.

How does Air New Zealand keep the same message interesting?

For starters, the videos are kept short. This one could probably be shorter, but short and succinct is better than long and verbose. 

Even though the content is familiar, if it’s presented in an entertaining or amusing way, people will watch and listen. In this latest video, the airline has enlisted the help of none other than Bear Grylls. You know the content but now you get jokes and the Grylls take on trekking in New Zealand thrown in. What’s not to like?

Finally, the content is kept fresh. The airline keeps making new videos for the same content but with new angles.

Air New Zealand gets 10/10 for content marketing. Bear Grylls gets to stow his fish under the seat in front of him and to snack on glow worms.

Air New Zealand A320 Safety Video with Bear Grylls