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The elections are behind us but SMEs are still casting a vote of no...

We are through with the latest round of federal elections but if the latest research from accounting software provider MYOB is anything to go...

5 reasons you should close that Excel spreadsheet and switch to cloud accounting

We reported how many Aussie businesses are stuck on old school accounting, with one in seven SMEs (13.6 per cent) not even using basic...

Let’s face it people, old-school accounting just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Accurate accounting is absolutely essential for the success of any business, right? It is therefore shocking to learn that according to a recent report...

ingogo turns to Silicon Valley for funding. And future, too

The Sydney taxi startup roped in Pacific Venture Advisors, run by Australia’s Vikram Mehta but headquartered in San Francisco, who is seen guiding ingogo’s expansion, particularly into the U.S. market, besides bringing access to further capital.

Startup 101: Why do it alone when you can learn from the legends themselves!

Entrepreneurship, some say, is a lonely battle. Rejoice, it’s no longer the case! The stories of the founders of legendary companies such as Google, Dyson, Facebook, Paypal, LinkedIn, Twitter and Square are, literally, at hand – via podcasts in the voices of their legendary founders, or articles penned by them.

Five ways to keep the winter from freezing out your business’ engine

As the mid-winter mark passes, now is a perfect time for you, as a business owner, to start warming up your business’ engine in...

Startups work less, earn more! Aren’t they smart? Their mean working week was 39.7...

Here’s a myth buster. Startups don't work any longer, or even as harder, than other businesses. And, what’s more, they no longer have to make...

Dear Aunt Agony, my SME has dumped me for the cloud. Yours truly, heartbroken...

Listen up all ye accountants! Some very uncomfortable statistics are emerging about your profession in relation to SMEs. Almost two thirds (64%) of SMEs would consider replacing some of the roles that their accountant currently performs with a cloud-based accounting system.

Mood of the SMEs: More upbeat about economy, but decidedly downbeat about government

Might the two millions SMEs be swing voters in this year’s elections? Potentially, they could, especially when disgruntled.

Suffering from entrepreneurial arthritis? Here are six easy steps to turbo boost your business...

A clear strategic plan is the foundation of any successful business. A detailed, forward-looking plan covering all key business facets will ensure your activities are geared towards growing your profitability.

The storm is over, the storm is over now! Seriously, SMEs are singing along...

The research found that 26% of SMEs expected the domestic economy to improve within 12 months, an obviously welcome increase from the 19% of the July 2012 report.

What does 2013 have in store for SMEs? It’s looking pretty good

Conditions remained tough last financial year. Twice as many businesses experienced a fall in revenue and two in three estimated that economic improvement was more than 12 months away. What’s more, the highest levels of SME dissatisfaction with the Federal Government in the history of the research were recorded.

The 6-step guide to SME success this silly season

The weeks leading up to Christmas may be demanding for shoppers, but they’re even more so for business owners and their staff. Now is the perfect time to plan for this busy period to increase the likelihood of a successful and happy selling season.

Are you afraid of the cloud? According to MYOB’s Simon Raik-Allen, cloud users are...

Did you know that one if four Australian SMEs are afraid of cloud computing? Furthermore, according to the same MYOB report, SMEs that embrace cloud computing were 53% more likely to see their revenue rise in the last financial year and were 55% more likely to have more sales/work than usual in their three-month pipeline.

Finding the silver lining in cloud computing!

Even though the cloud has been changing business for the better, confusion about its definition and uncertainty about its benefits are still fairly widespread among SME business owners, said MYOB CEO Tim Reed.

It’s the technology, stupid!

The Entourage Group has traditionally run mentoring programs, primarily for the young to learn, in a manner of speaking, at the feet of the old. It might just be the time for a switcheroo – allowing the older lot to learn from the young, and catch up with technology.

MYOB survey says more SMEs should join the cloud computing crowd

New research from MYOB has shown that cloud-computing is raining success down on SMEs. The research shows a pattern of positive financial and operational results. The MYOB research also forecasts more of the same on the horizon. One key finding was that those using cloud technologies for business were 53% more likely to see revenue rise in the past year, making cloud computing the object of envy for SMEs not already using the technology. MYOB, which offers its own suite of cloud solutions, commissioned independent market research firm Colmar Brunton to conduct a nationally representative survey of more than one thousand SMEs.

SMEs dumping Internet in the face of economic slump

The Business Monitor, which surveyed 1,004 SME operators, found online business activity such as online transactions, email marketing and social media to be in decline. Less than a quarter (24%) used search engines to promote their business, down from nearly one-third (31%) in March. Social media activity on Facebook, YouTube and Google+ fell three percentage points to 15% and professional networking on LinkedIn fell six percentage points to 13%

Online SMEs performing better than sans-site peers

The folks at MYOB love themselves a bit of statistic-y goodness. Their latest number crunching shows online SMEs are fairing much better than their not so digital counterparts.

EOFY blues? Here’s light for the end of next year’s tunnel

EOFY — end of financial year — is never fun, certainly not as much as a night out. But despair not. If you start now — and do all the smart things — your next EOFY could be a walk in the park. To set you on the right track, here are top 10 tips from MYOB:



Seven steps to crafting the perfect email, with James Tuckerman [FREE...

We are all bombarded by emails every day. We bombard others with emails. It’s a congested superhighway of e-promises, lead magnets and chit chat out there. So how on Earth are your emails going to stand out? James Tuckerman is a man who knows a thing or ten about online marketing. In this cheat sheet, he shares seven steps to achieve two very clear goals: Opens and click throughs.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...